Dumpster Diving In Connecticut: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re eager to embark on a dumpster diving adventure in Connecticut, you’ve come to the right place. Before starting this exciting side job, it is essential to comprehend the regulations and laws in your state.

In this detailed guide, we will explore various dumpster diving tactics and provide an overview of Connecticut’s legislation. During the journey, I will provide useful advice to enhance your experience of searching for treasure.

Dumpster Diving in Connecticut

Connecticut, known as the Constitution State, boasts numerous trash diving opportunities. With 16 shopping centers and a plethora of residential units, the state offers a staggering 2,293 stores in these malls and centers.

Dumpster diving is particularly popular in affluent Connecticut cities such as Weston, Old Greenwich, Darien, Wilton, New Canaan, and Westport. Whether you’re interested in exploring upscale neighborhoods or diving into shopping malls and retail stores, Connecticut has it all.

Is Dumpster Diving illegal in Connecticut?

Fortunately, dumpster diving is not illegal in Connecticut. However, it’s crucial to comply with your state’s trespassing laws, local ordinances, and statutes. While dumpster diving without permission on private property may lead to trespassing charges, there are no restrictions on diving into dumpsters located on public property, such as curbside garbage pickups, in most municipalities across Connecticut.

The well-known legal case of California v. Greenwood set a precedent that people or companies lose their ownership claims to garbage left in public dumpsters throughout the country. However, if a dumpster is located within a private residence, attempting to rummage through it may result in charges of trespassing or theft.


Additionally, entering private property with a visible “No Trespassing” sign can lead to trespassing charges and potential permanent bans from the premises. It’s essential to exercise caution and avoid dumpster diving in restricted areas without the proper authorization to prevent charges related to disorderly conduct, illegal dumping, or littering.

Is Dumpster Diving at night illegal in Connecticut?

Nighttime dumpster diving is perfectly legal in Connecticut. The regulations for dumpster diving apply regardless of the time of day. However, it’s important to note that diving into dumpsters in residential areas during late hours may raise suspicions and result in police intervention.

Additionally, dumpster diving at night in Connecticut tends to be more competitive, as many divers prefer the solitude and privacy of nighttime scavenging. In my personal opinion, the optimal time for dumpster diving in Connecticut is early morning or just after sunrise.

Best Places for Dumpster Diving in Connecticut

Connecticut offers a multitude of excellent locations for dumpster diving. While opportunities abound throughout the state, here are some top spots to kickstart your dumpster diving quest:

  1. Garage Sales
  2. Cosmetic Stores
  3. Construction Sites
  4. Affluent Neighborhoods
  5. Hardware and Electronic Shops

How much money can you make dumpster diving in Connecticut?

The amount of money you can make from dumpster diving in Connecticut depends on various factors. Some divers focus on recyclable items, selling them for profit, while others seek food or groceries for personal use. Many dumpster divers also search for valuable items like electronics, furniture, or books to resell on platforms such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

While earning a full-time income through dumpster diving in Connecticut can be challenging, it is not impossible. We spoke with several full-time dumpster diving couples in Connecticut, and their experiences revealed potential earnings. By dedicating full-time hours (40+ hours per week) to dumpster diving, you can potentially earn up to $3,400 per month.


In summary, dumpster diving is legal in Connecticut; however, it’s essential to be aware of any local ordinances or restrictions that may exist in your specific city or county. Take the time to review the city code, which is typically accessible online for each municipality, and familiarize yourself with Connecticut’s “Trespass after Notice” law and any additional municipal regulations.

In conclusion, dumpster diving is a legal activity in Connecticut. It is essential to comply with the relevant laws and rules in your locality. By understanding the rules, choosing suitable diving locations, and dedicating time and effort, dumpster diving in Connecticut can be an exciting and potentially profitable venture.

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